summary of witnessing your thoughts

(Based Upon Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra) By Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati 

Yoga meditation systematically leads us to the realization that: “I am not my thoughts! Who I am, is the Self who is Witness of the thoughts!”

In which state is my mind currently? 

  1. Kshipta, disturbed, troubled
  2. Mudha, dull, heavy
  3. Vikshipta, distracted, partly focused
  4. Ekagra, one-pointed, focused
  5. Nirrudah, highly mastered, regulated

Which of the qualities or gunas is dominant with this thought?

  1. Sattvas, illumined, light, spiritual
  2. Rajas, active, stirring, moving
  3. Tamas, static, stable, inertia

Which type of thought is this? 

  1. Pramana, clear, correct, valid
  2. Viparyaya, misconceived, unclear
  3. Vikalpa, conceptualization, fantasy
  4. Nidra, sleep, focus on non-being
  5. Smriti, memory, recalling

How do I know this is true? 

  1. Pratyaksha, perception or experience
  2. Anumana, inference or thinking
  3. Agamah, written or oral testimony

How do the four functions of mind interact with this thought? 

  1. Manas: driving actions and senses
  2. Chitta: storehouse
  3. Ahamkara: I-maker
  4. Buddhi: decides, judges, discriminates
Is this thought colored or not colored? 

  1. Klishta, colored, afflicted
  2. Aklishta, not colored, not afflicted

Is this thought useful or not useful?

  1. Useful to growth
  2. Not useful  to growth

If the thought is colored, which colorings are dominant?

  1. Avidya, spiritual forgetting, veiling
  2. Asmita, associated with I-ness
  3. Raga, attraction or drawing to
  4. Dvesha, aversion or pushing away
  5. Abhinivesha, resistance to loss, fear

What is the current stage of the coloring of this thought?

  1. Udaram, active, aroused
  2. Vicchinna, distanced, separated
  3. Tanu, attenuated, weakened
  4. Prasupta, dormant, latent, seed

How is this thought operating at the four levels of consciousness? 

  1. Vaishvanara, waking, conscious
  2. Taijasa, dreaming, unconscious
  3. Prajna, deep sleep, subconscious
  4. Turiya, fourth, witness, consciousness

Is this thought pattern who I am?

  1. Yes, it is who I am.
  2. No, it is not who I am.

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