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‘medium’ and ‘breathable’

Partly it’s going to be based on your mood, or your feeling at the time. It’s going to be based on what the posture is demanding. The point is, the breath is breathable. It’s varying. Guruji, he said that the breath is a medium breath. Which meant that it’s not too long and it’s not too short. It’s not like your best pranayama each vinyasa position — if that was the case, it would take too long; it would become forced, unnatural.

asana practice and nadi cleansing

Certified Ashtanga teacher David Garrigues discusses the nadi’s and how vital it is to understand the places where the nadis are closed in the body. As a practitioner discovering the most glorious nadi (Sushumna) in the Ashtanga practice is vital to inhabiting and lighting up the body.

janu sirsana a,b,c

mula bandha on physical and energetic levels with david garrigues

jump back with david garrigues

In David Garrigues Asana Kitchen he explores the set up to the jump back and gives detailed instruction how to begin working on the famous transition.

rhythm of vinyasa

“The sequence of the vinyasa should unfold like a Vedic mantra or chanting practice. So that the rhythm, the cadence, has a way of calming your mind or centering you. And that the rhythm and pace of the practice, synchronized with the breath, unfolds mantra-like.”

David Garrigues on Sharath’s Conference January 23, 2011 (4:24 into interview)


Devotion is when you are deeply present with what is happening…When you are absent in one way or another…that inability to see things accurately is, in a certain way, a lack of devotion.

David Garrigues (5:48 into interview)