the tribal mind


In order to better understand the complexity of human relationships, it is helpful to understand the workings of the tribal mind. All of us are born into a “tribal mentality” of various forms. These include our family unit, religious background, country of origin, ethnicity, etc. The tribal mentality involves our spirit in specific thought forms held by the group; it effectively marinates an individual in the tribe’s beliefs, ensuring that all believe the same. The structure of reality—what is and is not possible for the members of the group—is thus agreed upon and maintained. While the tribal mentality has definite benefits in terms of establishing common ground and ensuring group survival, it is not a conscious agreement.  At a certain stage in our evolution, both personally and collectively, the tribal mentality must be challenged… [One must] begin to recognize the need for a personal honor code independent of the tribe.

Every one of us is plugged into the tribal mind. We finance the belief patterns of the tribe by directing a percentage of our life force into maintaining our affiliation with the tribe. What that means from an energetic point of view is that our individual energetic circuits go into prolonging the life force of the tribe to which we belong. This involves an implicit agreement to think like the tribe thinks, to evaluate situations and people the way the tribe does, and to believe in right and wrong according to tribal values and tribal ambitions. As long as the tribal mentality remains unexamined and transparent to awareness, we unwittingly subject others to our tribal laws.

Edited excerpt from essay Leaving the Wounded Relationship Tribe by Caroline Myss

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